New Acura Nsx 2011

The rumors of the next Acura NSX were floating in the air ever since the highly admired original NSX bowed out with 2005 model-year, and the rumors became stronger with the appearance of Acura Sports Car Concept (ASCC) appearing in the 2007 Detroit Auto Show. This is what made the auto traders think about the next NSX, and to think that the Acura NSX 2011 will be based on the zoomy Acura Sports Car Concept.
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The auto traders could very well be right, and the reason why we are so sure about the Acura NSX 2011 is because even the original NSX was quite an unexpected turnout in the model year 1990. Apart from this there are other reasons as well. Firstly, the ASCC (Advanced Sports Car Concept) primarily was developed to proclaim Acura’s latest design center in Pasadena, California. The parent company Honda wanted their premium brands to have a separate visual identity; this is what made them open two separate studios and talent demos the weird Advanced Sports Sedan Concept and the ASCC.

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Now considering the fact that the Acura said that the design of ASCC is supposed to have a V10 engine mounted on the front and an all-wheel drive, the concept that was shown there was only a “push mobile” and doesn’t had any running gear fitted in there, so there is a great chance that the Acura NSX could very well be completely different from what is expected. One another reason that makes us think that there will be Acura NSX 2011 is the reason that why would Honda build an Advanced Sports Car Concept when they don’t have an intention to do anything with that. You can say that not many of the concept designs actually goes beyond the auto-show turntable, but then Honda definitely is not the one known for indulging in dead-end ego trips.
So considering all these factors we are pretty sure that the rumor mill could very well be right, and at the same time we won’t be surprised is they aren’t true. After all, the original NSX was pretty unexpected, and so can be Acura NSX 2011. Our belief got stringer with the press release from Acura calling the ASCC a “foretaste of the design direction” for an Acura NSX replacement. What do you think? Will there be any Acura NSX 2011, or not.

Acura NSX, or a Honda NSX in North America and Hong Kong, is a sports car produced between 1990 and 2005 by the Japanese automaker Honda. This car has the engine in the middle, rear-wheel drive layout and is supported by an aluminum V6 gasoline engine featuring the "variable valve timing and lift electronic control" (VTEC) system. Honda NSX type most recently worth about $ 160,000
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